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Your Premier membership at Beverly Hills Institute opens the door to a suite of exclusive concierge medical services, designed to provide comprehensive, convenient, and personalized care:

At Beverly Hills Institute, your health and well-being are our utmost priorities. We are committed to providing a level of care that stands out, ensuring you receive the best possible medical attention, exactly when and how you need it. Your BHI membership is your gateway to a new standard of personalized healthcare.

Extended Office Visits: Spend more quality time with your doctor, ensuring all your health concerns are thoroughly addressed.

Personalized Health Assessments: In-depth evaluations tailored to your health history and lifestyle.​

24/7 Access to Medical Advice: Expert medical advice is just a call away, any time of the day or night.

Wellness and Prevention Planning: Proactive strategies designed to keep you in peak health and prevent potential illnesses.

Coordination of Care: We manage and streamline all aspects of your healthcare journey, from primary care to specialist visits and hospital stays.

Access to a Network of Specialists: Exclusive connections to top specialists around the world, readily available should you need a referral.

Additional Concierge


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Fee Options

Please Note: We Accept Medicare and Most Insurance Plans. We believe in making our exceptional care accessible. That's why, in addition to our concierge services, we accept Medicare and most insurance plans, ensuring that you can utilize your benefits while enjoying the enhanced services our BHI membership offers.


Individual Membership


Family Membership (up to 3 members)

Dr. Foxman performing virtual visit

Premier Concierge Care at Beverly Hills Institute

Welcome to Beverly Hills Institute, where we are dedicated to offering a superior level of medical care, meticulously tailored to meet your unique health needs. To ensure you receive exceptional attention and timely services, our practice includes the Premier Concierge fee. This fee is a key part of our commitment to providing an extensive range of benefits and personalized care, ensuring that your health remains our top priority.


Premier Membership


Same or Next Day Appointments: Need immediate medical attention? Your BHI membership guarantees access to same or next day appointments, ensuring prompt and efficient care when you need it the most.​

Direct Electronic Communication: Have a health query, need urgent remote treatment or  medical advice on the go? Your membership facilitates direct electronic communication with our office and Dr. Foxman, ensuring timely responses and continuous care.

Swift Referrals to Specialists: In need of specialized care? We expedite your referrals, connecting you with top specialists swiftly and coordinating your care to save you valuable time.

Seamless Sharing of Medical Information: With your consent, we securely share your health records with your entire care team, ensuring that every healthcare professional involved in your care is fully informed and in sync.

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