Weight Loss / Diet Specialist

Alex Foxman, M.D., F.A.C.P. -  - General Practitioner

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Alex Foxman, M.D., F.A.C.P.

General Practitioner & Internist located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA

Losing weight isn't always a simple process; for many people, it can be a struggle. Dr. Foxman provides patients in and around Beverly Hills, CA, with an advanced program of weight management that's customized for each patient's medical needs and lifestyles, so patients can lose weight while enjoying better health.

Weight Loss / Diet Specialist

What is medical weight management?

Many weight-loss programs focus on techniques to eat less and exercise more as the cornerstones of losing weight. While those are critical components of weight loss, one-size-fits-all programs aren't designed to focus on an individual person's weight-loss needs, including their nutritional profile, lifestyle habits and other factors that can have a huge bearing on a person's ability to lose weight and to maintain that loss for the long term. Medical weight management is based on an individual approach, taking into account your specific health issues and nutritional information for a weight-loss plan that designed for your success.

Am I a good candidate for medical weight loss at BHI?

You're a great fit for the Beverly Hills Weight and Wellness program if you:

  • are 15 pounds or more overweight

  • have health issues related to your weight

  • have tried other diets with limited or no success

  • have had difficulty maintaining weight loss in the past

How can I get started with the program?

The first step is having a physical exam and evaluation to determine the amount of weight you should ideally lose as well as the health and lifestyle factors affecting your weight and your ability to lose weight and maintain that loss. During the exam, blood testing may be ordered to identify medical issues that could be interfering with your ability to maintain a healthy weight so your plan can be truly customized for your needs. Plus, we'll review your lifestyle habits to determine simple changes that can help out you on the path to success.

Is support available while I lose weight?

Absolutely. The Beverly Hills Weight and Wellness Program includes ongoing medical care to keep you on track and adjust your plan as you lose weight, plus we offer group support options as well.

Most Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept Medicare, most PPO plans and fee for service. Because every plan and coverage is different for each patient, we ask that you contact your insurance carrier to verify if our office is an approved in-network provider of your plan before your visit to our office. Thank you.

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