Consultative Medicine Specialist

Alex Foxman, M.D., F.A.C.P. -  - General Practitioner

Beverly Hills Institute

Alex Foxman, M.D., F.A.C.P.

General Practitioner & Internist located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA

As a top internist, Dr. Foxman provides evaluations for patients in and around Beverly Hills, CA.

Consultative Medicine

  • Pre-operative Evaluation

Performed upon the request of your surgeon, to ensure you are able to safely undergo anesthesia and surgery. This evaluation usually includes a physical examination, cardiac evaluation, chest radiograph, and appropriate laboratory tests. The full evaluation and report will be available to your surgeon on the same day.

  • Second Opinion Evaluation

Provided as a service to patients who wish to obtain another opinion about a course of therapy recommended by another physician or to inquire on new or controversial medical treatments. This report is provided to the patient with recommendations for personal education or for further discussion with their physician.

  • Confidential Services and Consultations

An additional privacy protection service provided to both current and new patients to have services or evaluations provided in confidence.

  • Comprehensive Weight Management Assesment

This evaluation Assesment includes a body fat analysis, screening for The Metabolic Syndrome, along with specific recommendations for lifestyle modifications of diet and exercise, and if appropriate, safe medical therapy to assist with weight loss.

  • Medical-Legal Consulting

Including Expert Testimony, Worker's compensation evaluations, and Accidental injury.

Most Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept Medicare, most PPO plans and fee for service. Because every plan and coverage is different for each patient, we ask that you contact your insurance carrier to verify if our office is an approved in-network provider of your plan before your visit to our office. Thank you.

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